05 March 2008

The Ice is Creeping In

The freezing rain has turned to regular rain, and that makes the slippery-ness even more interesting.

In the photo above, you can see how the ice is encroaching upon our garage. Normally there is about a 5-6 inch step down onto the back walkway; now, the ice is flush with the bottom of the door frame. If any more rain/snow/sleet/ice falls out of the sky, the door will no longer close.

On a different note, I was greeted with this site when I walked down the stairs this morning.

Totally creeped me out. Somehow I thought that when my kids became teenagers, they'd actually put their gloves on the shelves or in the bins which I so carefully set up for them. Instead, I think they open the coat closet, throw things in and then slam the door quickly to prevent items from bouncing back out at them.

Consequently, I get to have an early morning, bleary-eyed, heart-attack, thinking some neighbor's kid is stuck in my coat closet.

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1 comment:

Larry said...

Hmmmmm, now I see what those "rumors" of ice are all about...