05 March 2008

Ice vs. Snow

No matter how many times I’ve heard it explained, my brain will not accept the idea that it can be 29 degrees and RAINING. I don’t care if its freezing rain, its still rain, and it SHOULD be snow.

Ok, having said that, let’s take a look at a few differences between snow and ice.

According to the weather experts, 10 inches of snow is equivalent to 1 inch of rain. Taking that a step further (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going out on an icy limb here) that would probably mean that 10 inches of snow is about the same as 1 inch of FREEZING rain.

Along the same line of thinking, that would mean that 1 inch of ice would not need to be shoveled the way 10 inches of snow would. In fact, if you want to leave your driveway quickly, snow would bog you down; ice is surely the way to go.

(Warning – List Approaching)

Here are a few more little-known differences between snow and ice – from a Maine Resident’s Point of View…

1. Unlike snow, ice does not need to be shoveled from the roof. Laws of physics forbid it - on SO many levels.

2. Unlike snow, ice won’t tweak your back when you shovel it – because it can’t be shoveled.

3. Unlike snow, ice won’t block the mailman from reaching your mailbox; in fact, he might slide right into it and knock it over completely.

4. Your car won’t get stuck in ice. Quite the opposite is true – unless you’re stuck ON the ice, spinning, of course.

5. While snow needs to be brushed off the woodpile before firewood is brought inside, this doesn’t need to be done with ice. Rather, ice will cling stubbornly to the wood until it is set on fire.

6. Ice makes skiing and sledding much more interesting; try it and you’ll never again wonder how the idea for Winter X-Games came about.

7. Ice is wonderful for bringing down those dead tree limbs you meant to take down last summer.

8. When the power goes out during an ice storm, you’ll find that your back step has magically been turned into a cooler – with all the free ice you’ll ever need.

9. When you go into the house after being outside, you don’t need to stomp the snow off your boots; in fact, forget the boots, just wear ice skates.

10. Last, but certainly not least - Ice will make us appreciate the snow in ways we never imagined.

The weather is certainly nasty today. Be careful out there, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Laura said...

Just catching up on your ice blog. Don't forget my favorite:
Ice teaches you everything you need to know about how gravity and friction work!

gardenpath said...

I love Number 7! At least is good for something.

gardenpath said...

I love Number 7! At least ICE is good for something.