19 March 2008

Maine is Safe

I heard some good news this morning. According to CQ Press, Maine is the second safest state in the Union. Somehow we were beat out by New Hampshire. How is that possible with them being closer to all the UN-safe states than we are? Oh well, second best is still GREAT in my book. For your viewing pleasure, here is the list (yea – someone else made my list for me today).

1 New Hampshire
2 Maine
3 North Dakota
4 Vermont
5 South Dakota
6 Wyoming
7 Montana
8 Iowa
9 Idaho
10 Wisconsin
11 Connecticut
12 Rhode Island
13 Utah
14 West Virginia
15 Virginia
16 Nebraska
17 Minnesota
18 Kentucky
19 New York
20 New Jersey
21 Oregon
22 Massachusetts
23 Hawaii
24 Pennsylvania
25 Indiana
26 Colorado
27 Kansas
28 Mississippi
29 Ohio
30 Illinois
31 Washington
32 Georgia
33 Missouri
34 Oklahoma
35 North Carolina
36 Alabama
37 Texas
38 California
39 Delaware
40 Arkansas
41 Michigan
42 Florida
43 Alaska
44 Maryland
45 Tennessee
46 Arizona
47 South Carolina
48 New Mexico
49 Louisiana
50 Nevada

What I found surprising were the states at the end of the list. The three least safe states are New Mexico, Louisiana, and Nevada at the very bottom.

I’ve been to New Mexico to visit my mom more times than I can count. I know they have gang problems there, but there are just so few people (for such a large state, land-wise). It surprised me.

Nevada wasn’t too big of a surprise, what with Las Vegas being known as “Sin City.” Yet, again, there is such a large part of Nevada that is simply unpopulated. You know, deserts, mountains, etc.

And Louisiana? I’ve always found that southerners are just too darned sweet to be mean… unless the heat and humidity (not to mention alligators) are just more than they can take. Maybe it’s part of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. So sad.

This list is only for states, but I’d like to know how Washington, D.C. would have ranked among them. When we lived there seventeen years ago, it seemed to be the murder capital of the world with well over 400 murders each year. At least back then, it was not a safe place.

But what about Alaska falling at #43? What are you not safe from up there - grizzly bears? Getting lost in the woods? Hypothermia?

Anyway, if you’re here in Maine with me, you might agree that THIS is why we have to put up with the long, cold winters. It’s the trade-off for living in safety. I mean, we could all move to California or Florida and enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but then we would no longer be safe. This list proves it!

And speaking of California, my dad arrived last night from San Diego. We had a good discussion about this safety thing, and he reminded us about just how bad the traffic out there really is. So bad.

I don’t know about you, but I'm staying here in “Way Life Should Be” Land.

Even if it is snowing. Again.

After all, it IS Wednesday.

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Larry said...

Snowing again?! Is this a normal or abnormal winter for you guys? I personally think we have seen our last drop of rain until November at this point.

Tom said...

I take issue with those stats. Define safe. And take a look at these stats (http://www.statemaster.com/graph/hea_ill_dru_use-health-illicit-drug-use) which has Maine #12 on the top states with illicit drug use. Probably because the weather stinks so bad that people don't have anything else to do. Plus we can carry guns more readily than the Northeastern folks with unconstitutional firearms restrictions. Maine is probably rated safer because the harsh weather forces low population compared to more seasonal locations. I think I read that somewhere.. :)

Denine said...

I'll say it too, "Snowing again??" Gosh, it's 71 here, "again", although it IS raining....Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. We have had NO winter, so I have no idea what Spring will bring, other than the obvious; rain.
I have my windows open. I am not sure if it's because it's hot in here, or because I'm going through the change, but either way, they are open, and at least it's more comfortable now, sitting under this ceiling fan. I wonder if it's too early to turn on the air conditioner!
I always tell my brother, Rob, in Brunswick, when I turn the a/c on for the first time of the season...It won't be long before I tell him...
Have a wonder day, Paulla...
For the record, I DID want some snow this winter. (My brother said I should've driven up there!)
Happy Easter!!!

Laura said...

Like Tom, I wondered how they came up with those rankings. A few clicks to the Methodology description for the book revealed this:
The Safest and Most Dangerous State rankings are determined using rates for six crime
categories—murder, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, and motor vehicle
theft—by calculating a state’s position relative to the national average for each category.
That explains it: no one would ever steal a car that's all rusted out. And everyone leaves their doors unlocked, so there's no fun in stealing, though I don't know what the difference between burglary and robbery is... That's 3 of the 6 categories. And although people go stir crazy, they're more likely to kill themselves than someone else!

Paulla said...

Normal? What's that? :)

As for the list, the way I see it is, the less people there are, the less chance for crime and/or danger. Maine doesn't have that many people.

Plus, we're all working so hard to get through the next season (and all that goes with each one) that we don't have time to give each other trouble. Heck, we have to stick together up here!

Sure, there is crime everywhere, but what I'm most afraid of in Maine is being run over by a tourist who's looking at the leaves in the fall or who's trying to navigate the parking lot at LLBean. :)

Thanks for the great thoughts.

Tom said...

LOL, Paulla! I guess Maine has changed a lot then. Last time I was there in "tourist" season was many MANY years ago. Here in Florida, as you know we have a tourist season and I ride a motorcycle here year round. I'll have to compare "seasons" when I get up there in June. Just purchased my Auto Train ticket yesterday! :)