03 March 2008

Maine Sites I Like

I want to take this opportunity during my month of NaBloPoMo lists to list all the Maine websites that I enjoy visiting regularly. Like, every day. You know, those times when you have 15-20 minutes to check out the entire internet, and you end up going up and down your favorites list, wondering what else might be out there, but rarely actually looking?

Of course, my list of favorites is bigger than this, but not all are in Maine, so they don't qualify for this list - hey, that would be a good idea for ANOTHER list. :)

As for THIS list, some are blogs, some are not, but all are in Maine - which make them wonderful for that reason, if nothing else.

What – you think I’m biased?

Here they are:

1. Poland Spring Campground Blog
2. Gardenpath
3. Life on Penobscot Bay
4. Growin’ up in Maine
5. The Wicked Good Guide To Mainah English – hilarious!
6. MaineToday.com
7. My Home in Maine (there’s a shocker)
8. Wicked Good Maine (another shocker)
9. Life in the Maine Woods

On a different note, we have RAIN in the forecast for tomorrow. Our driveway is a complete mess after the whole snow blower fiasco, so I’m hoping some of that rain and warmer temps will wash away the ice.

Just FYI, the snow blower is still broken, so we had someone come plow the driveway for the last storm. I won’t mention names, but he did a lousy job. My husband ordered a new belt for the snow blower which should arrive about the time winter ends and we no longer need it.

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