10 March 2008

Patrick Dempsey Does Good...

...and he doesn't look so bad, either!

You might have read in today's Portland Press Herald that Patrick Dempsey was in Lewiston today to be part of launching a new cancer support center at Central Maine Med.

If you are one of the few (and unfortunate) who is not familiar with this handsome face, allow me to enlighten you. Patrick Dempsey was a teen actor in the 80s, and he now stars in the popular TV medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy."

I am also proud to let you know that Patrick Dempsey was born right here in Maine, which just adds to his appeal, don't you think?

Recently, we rented "Can't Buy Me Love," and reminisced with all the 80s music. Patrick Dempsey was a cutie back then, too.

And for the much anticipated daily list, here are a few other celebrities who are from Maine ~

1. John Ford - born in Cape Elizabeth

2. Judd Nelson - born in Portland

3. Linda Lavin - born in Portland

4. Stephen King - born in Portland

5. Ricky Craven - born in Newburgh

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list - just a few.

As Big Al says about his odd lot store, "Things you need; things you didn't know you needed." This information probably falls into the latter category. But what the heck. Any reason to take a good, hard look at Patrick Dempsey. :)

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