25 March 2008

A Day at Pemaquid Lighthouse

Well, I missed a day of doing the NaBloPoMo list thing. We were out until late last night and then when we got home, the internet had gone out (not an uncommon thing here).

I didn't want to wait up for it to come back on. I think missing one day means I'm disqualified... from what, I'm not sure. Oh well, the way I look at it, I'm off the hook.

Having said that, we had a great day yesterday. It was my dad's last day in Maine, so we wanted to make it special. With the sun shining brightly, we set out for Pemaquid Lighthouse. Although it is my favorite lighthouse in Maine, somehow, we had never taken my dad there.

The wind was surprisingly light for the seashore, and the temperature was right around freezing. We dressed warmly and had the entire place to ourselves. And no, nothing was open, but we had some phenomenal kodak moments...

We were very careful as we climbed around on the rocks - thanks to the dire warning... (besides, after the Bradbury Mountain fiasco on Easter morning, we weren't taking any chances!)

Some of the shots we took had so special significance, other than the fact that the sky was just SO blue.

If you've never been to the Maine coast, Pemaquid is certainly a good place to start. And going in the winter (ok, spring, but it still feels like winter) is the definitely the time to go. We got the best parking spot in the lot and when we took photos, we didn't have to wait for anyone to get out of the way. :)

Upon driving back up through Damariscotta, we passed this sight. It brought to mind the children's saying, "Here is the church, here is the steeple..."

We then drove to Sarah's in Wiscasset, for lunch (one of my favorite places). After feasting on a slew of Lobster Rolls and Greek Salads, we browsed some of the shops in Wiscasset.

As we drove home last night, the sun was just setting. We don't always have memorable sunsets here in Maine, but when we do, I just want to stop and soak in the moment. Last night was one of those times.

This morning, we put my dad on a westbound plane and we are all quite sad. It's hard to have family so far away. So until he comes again, I have some great pics of my dad having a blast on the Maine coast.

Have a good week, friends.

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Laura said...

Pemaquid point. Beautiful place. We love to camp near there. Great idea taking your dad to see the light house.

Tom said...

What brand and resolution digital camera are you shooting with, Paulla?

Paulla said...

Tom, it's just a dinky little camera I got about 5 years ago - a Canon Power Shot A-60. Only 2 mega pixels. It's a good little camera for a first digital (which is what it was for us) but I've SO been wanting a new, better one.

Still, at this point, a new camera isn't a need, just a want, so it won't fit into our budget. Hopefully soon, though. :)

Sue said...

Hi Paulla, Found your site thru Kathy Likes Pink. I love Maine and loved the pictures from Pemiquid, etc. I spent all my summers in Ogunquit growing up and went to Bates College. Spent many hours at LLBean, but haven't seen that cool new fish tank yet!
Oh and we are finally seeing a few signs of spring here on the Cape. There are a few buds on my bushes and I saw crocuses out the other day! Of course, my hands are freezing right now, but it's April, so warmer weather can't be too far away!

Paulla said...

Thanks, Sue ~ I'll bet you loved Bates. What a great school.

Glad to hear things are shaping up on the cape. They're warming up in RI, too, so we can't be too far behind.

Have a great week. :)

Texas Travelers said...

Great story and photos.

We were there about 25 years ago.
It was terrific.

We absolutely loved Maine

Troy and Martha in Texas