07 March 2008

Problems Today

Not big ones really, just building up.

1. The ice is melting over the door frame and into the garage. Our dog has gone from tip-toeing to wading through the puddle.

2. The pot holes around town are worse than I ever remember them being. It's an obstacle course just driving through town.

3. Our car is leaking something and I wonder - if I just ignore it, will it heal itself, sort of like a blister?

4. The necessary part for our snowblower has not yet arrived, though all sorts of mail we do NOT need and did NOT order is waiting to be carted off to the dump.

5. We have another freezing rain storm on its way tomorrow. On a positive note, I've learned that I can tell what day of the week it is by what the weather is doing. It seems to storm every Wed. and Sat.

Have a good weekend, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Tom said...

Sounds like it's adult beverage time, Paulla.. :) -Tom

Sproete said...

Hi Paulla

I saw you on stumble and enjoyed your 'view'. Now having read a few entries on your blog I enjoy even more!

I am from sunny South Africa, but I spent one year many years ago in New Hampshire, the best year of my life of course.

Keep shoveling, and keep being interesting on the blogs!

My stumble if you want to go look see 'cos for some reason I couldn't send an e mail is sproete which means freckles.

Paulla said...

Hi Sproete ~ thank you for the kind words. I looked you up on Stumble, and I couldn't send a message either. Stumble is fickle like that sometimes.

Enjoy your sunshine, and thanks for writing! :)

sproete said...

I think possibly it could be because we may not have ticked on preferences "anyone can send a message".

I'm going to tick mine and see..


Paulla said...

Hey Sproete - do you have a myspace? You can look me up there at http://myspace.com/maineinfo. I can't figure out the stumble thing.

Have a good day. :)