15 March 2008

Saturday in Maine = Snow

I just have one thing to say:

I told you so.

Saturdays and Wednesdays. I wonder if they predicted THAT in the Farmer's Almanac?

This morning we drove south for a basketball tournament and this is a little photojournal of our trip ~ ~ ~

Our street had already been plowed when we left early this morning, but it was still snowing hard. It's too bad the heavy snow doesn't show in this photo.

We made our all-important stop at Starbucks before getting on the highway. One doesn't want to drive in wet snow without a good caffeine fix, don'tcha know?

The highway wasn't bad, but it was messy enough that the speed limits were knocked down to 45 MPH. That's ok with me - better safe than sorry.

We passed a terrible accident on the Northbound lanes of the turnpike. This is the dead-stop traffic that ensued. One large truck was turned over and an 18-wheeler was on its side. You can read about it HERE.

This is just a pretty photo taken off the side of Route One (yes, we came home a different way, since the turnpike was still closed).

A lovely shot of the trees.

We all chuckled at the signs for the beach, ice cream shops, bait shops, surf shops, etc., all covered in snow. I can't remember the last time we drove around the beach area in the winter time.

This one looks a little bleak at first glace, but there's such beauty here. Rugged beauty. I think I may use this one as the background on my computer.

Oh, and the reason we went in the first place - to watch our youngest do what she loves best (she's the one with the ball).

A quick list to cover my commitment... what I love about riding (not driving) in the car:
1. I can take the above photos.
2. I can fall asleep (yep, on the way down AND on the way back - hubby was wired up on caffeine so he drove).
3. I can sight-see. No matter how tired we all may get of the winter, it is so, so beautiful.

Have a good weekend, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Tom said...

OMG, I'd be lookin' for a rope and a tall tree about now if I lived there... LOL! Terrible winter this year, eh? Hope it warms up for you soon. So much for global warming!

Anonymous said...

Well, it does seem weird, that you have gotten SO much snow, and we literally have gotten nothing this year, with the exception of one little dusting...My brother, in Brunswick, keeps me posted on the snow and I can never quite believe it!
Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures!! I do LOVE snow, I just wish it was here, and not up there...by the following day it's back up to 60 here after snowfall...lol...
Have a great weekend!!

Brian said...
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