01 March 2008

Skiing Today - In All This Snow??

I think it’s safe to say that, in Maine anyway, March is coming in like a lion. The snow is coming down hard and fast here at our house, and it’s a good, cozy day to stay inside. Besides, nearly everything in the state is closed today due to the storm. You know, everything except places that absolutely MUST stay open, such as hospitals, news rooms, and of course, ski areas.

And speaking of ski areas (how’s that for a smooth transition?) I have a new project this month. I decided to join NaBloPoMo and take their March challenge. This requires putting a list on my blog every day for the month of March. Maine is so full of things to do, places to go, and people to see, that it would take a year to list it all.

But I'm only doing it for a month.

Since the snow is swirling outside, it seems that an appropriate list for today would be the Alpine Ski Areas of Maine. And then I have just a few comments of my own about skiing here in Maine. Well, about skiing TODAY, anyway.

Ok here's the thing. Skiing is quite on my mind today. My dear daughter went on a church ski trip this morning. Last night when I heard that they were pretty much closing the entire state of Maine, due to the impending storm, I called the youth group leader and expected to hear that the trip was going to be postponed. Well, not only was it still on, but the youth leader then proceeded to tell me how everyone would be safe on the slopes because he was making them all wear helmets.

Helmets? Look, I grew up skiing in Colorado and never wore a helmet - but that's not the issue here. My issue was with the roads GETTING to the ski area. Would my daughter be wearing a helmet IN THE VAN?

Don't get me wrong, I've lived in many areas of the country and Maine is by far superior in keeping the roads clear and safe during our many snow storms each year. But still... why risk it?

Well, we did risk it. We let her go. They left at 6:00 this morning.

And wouldn't you know, as I was writing that sentence, I got a phone call from the helmeted youth leader to let me know that the van arrived at the ski area safe and sound. How's that for being a pushy and meddlesome mom? It does seem to keep me in the loop, and that's never a bag thing.

I just hope the snow lets up a bit before their drive back home tonight. But I'm sure it will be fine... as long as my daughter is wearing her helmet.

So there you are - my list for March 1. Only 30 more lists to go. If you want to join me in this insanity, go join NaBloPoMo yourself. Or if you have lists of your own you'd like to share here, just let me know.

Have a good, snowy day, friends.

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eph210rd said...

Hi Paulla,
Great blog! I told you about the studded snow tires on the van.
We all hsd a great time and we were really glad that Samantha was there.

thenextinstallment said...

Hey!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! :) When I started it, it was all about my weight loss and I talked about God a little bit. When I decided that I was going to talk about God a LOT bit, my readership dwindled down to myself and my best friend. OH well, right? I have actually been trying to be more productive about life and living on purpose, so... it's better to have my priorities in check.
Sorry... novella!
Talk to you soon!!!

Amanda Wheeler said...

Hey thanks for the comment on Nablopomo. That's so cool your from Maine too! My husband grew up in the Brunswick area. We live in Saco now.

I like your blog! I'll check back often.

We're heading out for a walk with our Basset on Old Orchard Beach.

Many Blessings,

Tom said...

Glad to hear Daughter made it up safe and sound. Been there done that. I have to head to Tallahassee on Wednesday for my daughter; she's getting her Gallbladder removed on Thursday. That's about 5 hours one way from us. Oh well, hopefully the old truck will make the trek. Prayers all will be safe. -T