11 March 2008

Some Pics

Ok, I'm officially sick of the lists. I'm not a quitter, so I press on - but I am sick of them and I'm on my way to hating them outright. Why?

1. There are only so many things I can makes lists about every day.
2. I make lists all the time on paper - doing it on the computer just seems - wrong.
3. I can't think of a third thing, but there you go - list is done.

Ok, here are the photos.

The first two are of the river near our house and the heck-of-a blue sky that's out there today. Still pretty cold, but so clear. Gotta love that. The third pic is the reality of the ice that's still here and probably always will be.

Enjoy the sunshine, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Larry said...

Even though we are having sunshine and spring like 70 degree weather out here in California right now... How about a list of why Maine is a better place to live than California?

Cindy said...

Lists must be related to tags?
As in "you've been tagged". I don't like being tagged and neither do I like writing lists.
Lucky you to have blue sky and sunshine- we've got dismal and gray with more snow in the forecast.

Paulla said...

Larry - I like that idea. I'm sure I can come up with lots of comparisons and plugs for BOTH states... but yeah, Maine would probably win. :)

Cindy - I lost the new address to your blog and couldn't find you at all. Good to see you again! I'm doing lists for NaBloPoMo during the month of March it's getting old, LOL.

Larry said...

Yeah, I hope my previous comment didn't "sound" wrong in writing.

My list definitely has Maine winning! My wife is from New England and her family is mostly in Southern Maine. My list would be such as this:

1.) Maine has four distinct seasons wheras, CA has eight months of summer with a week or two of spring and fall and a couple months of winter thrown in.

2.) Maine has clean air that makes breathing enjoyable, whereas CA has "smog".

3.) In Maine, "rush" hour probably really is rush hour, whereas in CA it means stop and go 5 mph traffic for miles and miles.

etc. etc. etc.

Tom said...

What's your hubby's shoe size? I'll send him "proper" footwear for being outside and on ice. Sneakers? Man, he's tough. I'd have my clodhopper workboots on for that gig! LOL!