09 March 2008

This Week's To-Do List

Buy at Art.comActually, I'd love for this list on the right to be my only list!

1. Set the rest of the household clocks forward.

2. Set the computer clock back (after I set if forward on my own - I forgot that it sets itself... according to my computer, we jumped ahead TWO hours for daylight savings time).

3. Continue chipping away at the ice on the back walk.

4. Take the Christmas tree to the dump. Yes, it's STILL here. Just after Christmas, we had a big snow, and as a joke, my hubby set it upright on the side of our driveway. During the next snow, it fell over, was covered and forgotten. Now it's there again, for all to see. And quite dead.

5. Pick up son from college and take him to the doctor for major flu symptoms. The flu is going around Maine and it isn't pretty.

6. Do NOT catch the flu from my son.

7. Figure out why I ever committed to this list-every-day-in-March thing.

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