29 March 2008

Weekend Away

Yesterday I drove to Rhode Island to visit family for the weekend.

When I heard the night before that 5-10 inches of snow was forecasted along the Maine coast, I suggested to hubby that perhaps we should trade cars for a couple of days. It seemed that I should take the gas-guzzling, hard to drive, stick shift, 4-wheel drive pick-up truck rather than the more economical, more comfortable, easier to drive, automatic transmission, mini-van.

The problem was, we had this conversation late at night and we never really decided who would drive which car. Then we overslept yesterday morning. When we awakened late (in a panic - you know how it is) and saw heavy snow falling, hubby took off for work in the mini-van.

I wasn't thrilled to drive the big truck, what with gas prices and a 200+ mile drive; and besides, the snow wasn't even sticking to the roads - just the trees.

As I was packing my things and getting ready to leave, I realized I'd left a key necessity in the van - my sunglasses. a gal can't drive to the South without shades (even if the "South" is only southern New England).

I phoned to let hubby know I was going to swing by his place of work and swap vehicles with him (why get just the sunglasses when I can get the whole mini-van?) I then roused the troops and we tromped out through the snow to the truck. It was then that I realized I didn't have keys.

After going back in, checking all the usual and UNusual places, I phoned hubby YET AGAIN to see if he had seen my keys. Seems he had. Seems they were right there with him - in his pocket.

Of course! The one place I hadn't looked.

After he made a trip home to swap keys, swap cars, and give us all a quick kiss, I finally did get on the road and the snow really wasn't a problem at all. In fact, by the time I reached Boston, I saw nary a flake; there wasn't even snow on the ground. At all. It looked so... foreign.

Now I'm sitting in a quiet, 100-year-old house on the Rhode Island coast. I'm surrounded by antiques, old books, and cats (not to mention cable TV, which we don't have at home).

Although Maine is a peaceful place to live, it's nice to get away from home every so often. But not too far. Southern New England is about as far away from Maine that I care to venture. That way, we can get back to 'the way life should be' in a matter of hours.

Ok - back to my mini-vacation. But before I go, let me just say... I always forget how narrow the streets are here. I'm SO glad I didn't bring the truck.

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Tom said...

RI is a nice place. My brother lived in Newport a couple of years after college working for Electric Boat. I visited him every now and then from Connecticut. Glad your trip was smooth. Now, go melt all that nasty snow! :)