04 March 2008

Winter in Maine – Things to Love

Well, this is something to love…

Yes, that’s real, folks. At noon today, that was the temperature outside our kitchen window.

The powers-that-be keep telling us to expect a nasty ice storm tomorrow, but I choose to believe that the original forecast will stand – the one that promises only rain. Sure, I may be in denial, but I’ll still stand in line to buy extra milk and bread today, just in case…

Either way, on this happy occasion of temperatures in the 50s for the first time in months, my list for today covers things to love about winter in Maine.

If it seems like I’m stretching here, shame on you for thinking the worst.

Things to love about winter ~

1. The way the mid-afternoon sun streams through windows that are normally blocked by leafy trees the rest of the year.
2. The light traffic on the main streets of town (read that – the tourists are gone for the season.)
3. Skating at the local outdoor rinks.
4. The smell of woodstoves burning… and the sight of smoke puffing from a chimney.
5. Hot cocoa and popcorn after sledding or skiing.
6. Early morning frost on the trees.
7. Colorful knitted hats, scarves and gloves on children playing in the snow.
8. No guilt in spending inordinate amounts of time surfing the net or watching TV.
9. Beaches that are empty and parking lots that are free – regardless of the fact that we really don’t want to be at the beach this time of year, anyway.
10. Decent parking at the LLBean Flagship Store in Freeport. Gotta love that.

Everyone is gearing up for a serious storm, and schools are preparing for possible cancellations. That’s a GOOD thing – remember, the best way to stop a storm from coming is to cancel everything.

Have a good day, and stay safe, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


David said...

Maine is a wonderful place, even in the winter. You just have to focus on the good things and not the annoyances - to have an attitude of thankfulness and joy. I just love walking through the woods after a fresh snow and breathing the cool, crisp air. It just makes you feel more alive.

Tom said...

Paulla, you are the epitome of positive thinking, I admire your wherewithal. Wow, nearly 60 degrees in March! Makes me feel safer for June. Maybe I won't have to tote my heavy leather. Though I did buy a new set of leather chaps this weekend which I think will come in handy up there. By the way, my Son tells me today is National Grammar Day (http://nationalgrammarday.com/) and I can attest to which you completely and undoubtedly qualify as a participating blogger. So, hopefully your warm weather will continue. Until then, I left you a present in your comments on your MySpace page... Enjoy the sunset. :)