12 March 2008

Wish List

1. I wish I had a mudroom. I consider mudrooms in Maine a necessity, not a luxury. See the photo of our current mudroom? Right – there isn’t one. We have mud areas that are tiny parts of our kitchen and our living room (as you can see in the photos) as well as an unfinished coat closet. My husband says the garage is our mudroom. I have only disdain for that remark.

2. I wish I had a screened-in porch. Wouldn’t that be nice on those black-fly evenings of May and June, not to mention the mosquito evenings of July? Ah, my dream. I’d sit behind the screen and scoff at all the little evil biting bugs.

3. I wish I had an extra room over our garage. Do we need it? Probably not, but the way I see it, it has a very high ceiling that could be put to much better use. All that wasted space!

4. I wish I had 4-wheel drive SUV. Yes, they are evil gas-guzzlers (ok, I used the word evil twice – I guess I’m in a mood) but I like them. Front wheel drive is good; 4-wheel drive is better.

5. I wish I had a cook and a gardener (hey, I’m dreaming here – so why not?)

Ok, that’s it. I guess if those are the only things I want in life, then I’m doing ok. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all the reasons for which I’m thankful – a much longer list.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, I could tell it was Wednesday today, because it was snowing. That sounds like a great name for a movie - "If It's Snowing, This Must be Wednesday."

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Jeff said...

Looks like we share mudroom woes in common. Ours is the carpet runner at the front entrance.

By the by, you can get a little 4x4 SUV that gets mid-20s highway mileage. And they are quite practical in the snow. We have a Honda CRV. Very reliable, quite good in foul weather. Good ground clearance (which is why front-wheel drive cars still have limitations), and reliable too.

Paulla said...

Well, our two cars are currently in good working order, and more importantly, they're PAID OFF. That's why it was just a wish. Maybe one day when one of these cars kicks the bucket, but our last car (an old jeep) was 20 years old before we sent it to the boneyard. LOL.

Either way, when we are in the market again, I'll definitely check out the Honda. Thanks, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

We looked at the CRV, Paulla. Too damned small for me. I was all cramped up while sitting in it, especially on the passenger side. We ended up going with an Accord, but 4X4's aren't like a necessity 'round here.. LOL!