26 March 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Same girl, same cat, same chair.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


KathyLikesPink said...

Oh, those photos are priceless. As a mother of a daughter, and many cats - I can appreciate this on many levels!

Very nice - I hope you have them both in a frame!

Ivanhoe said...

What a cool idea! Happy WW!

Jean at Penny Lane said...

I like those sorts of pictures!

Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane at the Victorian playhouse. Hope you enjoyed the the cookies and lemonade.

MelissaQ said...

WOW, that is so precious!
I wish I had thought of that idea.
I'm going to get to it right now, just have to go find my cat he's on the prowl outside.

Anonymous said...

wow, am I cute or what?

Serena said...

That is so cool! :D

Happy Family


Tom said...

Proof that cats do indeed have 9 lives.. that cat is old! Looks exactly the same as the early pic... Nice job on the pics :)

greyst said...

That's totally adorable! Thanks for that WW!

Paulla said...

Thanks for all the great comments.

In the original photo, the girl was nearly 2 and the cat was less than a year. Now the girl is 14 and the cat will soon be 13. He's got kidney disease and is hanging in there. Such a lovable guy.

The anonymous comment here was from the girl, not the cat, in case anyone was confused. :)