06 April 2008

Big G's Deli

Standin' on the corner in Winslow... Maine.

Ok, I didn't actually stand on any corners. I did once, however, stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona (like in the Eagles' song) but it wasn't as romantic as it sounds - it was in front of a convenience store during one of our moves across country during a Navy relocation.

But I digress.

Yesterday we were at basketball tournaments all day in the Waterville area and we went to Big G's Deli in nearby Winslow for lunch.

This is a lousy picture, but let's face it, the outside of this establishment belies the AMAZING food you find there.

When I say amazing, you have to understand, my daughter's basketball coach ordered three pancakes. Yes, only three. No big deal. But the pancakes at Big G's were larger (yes, larger) than a LARGE dinner plate. They had to be 13-14 inches in diameter, and they were about 1/2 inch thick. They were obscene. And there were three.

My husband ordered an omelette that was about a foot long. The raisin bread which was on the side was an inch thick and each 1/4 slice (yes, 1/4 of a slice) was larger in width and breadth than your average slice of bread.

Are you getting the idea? The portions at Big G's are, in the words of Will Ferrell, "Ginormous!"

My daughter's salad could have fed six people. My 1/2 tuna sandwich (yes, 1/2 orders are available and encouraged) was larger than a foot-long sub sandwich.

After lunch, the whole team had whoopie pies and chocolate chip cookies. Both fit into the whole Big G's theme of HUGE. Here is a photo of my daughter and her friend sharing a cookie: (yeah, they're freaky. Teenagers. What can you do?)

Another thing that the unimpressive exterior of Big G's belies is the large seating capacity inside. Big G's was packed with more than two basketball teams, as well as the regular Saturday lunch crowd, but there was plenty of seating for everyone.

If you are ever anywhere near Winslow, I highly recommend a trip to Big G's.

In other news, we made our first trip of the season to the local Dairy Queen tonight. It was 41 degrees and we wore our coats as we ordered our blizzards and malts, but hey, spring is here, right?

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Tom said...

Whoops, bad spelling error I couldn't fix in that last post. Sorry. Anyway, I was saying, we used to Schlep from way southern Maine to Augusta to visit my Uncle at the VA Hospital. Hated that ride. I'd rather stay South. Have you ever tried the Maine Diner in Wells? They have an awesome website, in fact. Happy spring! 41 ain't bad! I've ridden a couple hundred miles on my motorcycle down here in colder temps than that.. :)

R.J. Keller said...

Big G's makes the best sandwiches in the state of Maine. Thick, homemade bread, piles of fixings. They're HUGE! My hubby & I always split one when we go.

Think I'll head over there today, in fact.

Laura said...

Big G's. Been there. I agree with you that the portions are amazingly large, but the food is fantastic.

Larry's Dad said...

Mmmmm, the wife and I will have to check out Big G's when we are back there in a few months. I see it's supposed to be 60 in Springvale on Thursday...!?

KathyLikesPink said...

Wow you've already had your first ice cream of the season! I'm impressed! The Ice Cream season officially started here on April 1st but we haven't actually ventured out yet! (a malt sure sounds good!)

Paulla said...

Hi everyone ~ in reading back over this post and the comments, I realize I neglected to talk about how GREAT the food is at Big G's. Thank you, Laura, for pointing that out. I was so amazed by the sizes of the portions that it left me a bit loopy. But the food is, in a word, delicious.

Trust me - go there. You too, Tom!

Tom said...

Hi Paulla. I thought about that very thing, but after checking the exact location via Google Maps, it's way too far north from where we'll be. Unfortunately. Oh well.. :)

Sue said...

Yummy Dairy Queen! WE have one in the next town that has a drive through! Love that feature almost as much as an M&M blizzard!

Steve said...

If your wondering if you should try this out. I saw yes, if you didnt get a sandwhich u liked my rule is 3 try it 3 times to get a sandwich you like. Ive been there more than enough times i graduated from unity so getting a full size is 2-3 meals. Its well worth the drive out of the way to hit this spot.