20 April 2008

The Chainsaw

This weekend, my husband bought a chainsaw.

We had one a few years ago, but it was always falling apart and was basically cheap and lousy.

After saving up a bunch of gift cards he'd been given for Home Depot, he took the plunge and bought a GOOD chainsaw. You know, the kind that will cut through anything.

(As an aside, I accidently wrote "Hope Depot"... a freudian slip, for sure!)

But back to the chainsaw.

We have about a million trees currently residing on our home property, which is less than a full acre. You may think I'm exaggerating about the million trees, but if you've spent any time in the Maine woods, then you know.

For years, my husband has been trying to convince me that all these million trees give us wonderful shade in the summer time, which cools our home and makes us smile.

The reality is that only ONE of the trees is big enough to make the required amount of shade to cool the house. The rest have few redeeming qualities, in my opinion. They produce lots of humidity and lots of leaves, neither of which is on my list of favorite things about Maine.

Last summer, I finally convinced dear hubby that we need to get rid of some of the trees. Not the evergreens, as they only dump pine needles (and not all at once); and not the maples, as they are so pretty in the fall. But the oaks had to go. Besides, bringing down oaks helps twofold: it eliminates all the icky oak leaves and it gives us wonderful firewood.

I walked around the back yard on Saturday, pointing out all the trees that I wanted gone. Most of them were over 50 feet tall and could not be brought down by one man and a chainsaw (unless we wanted to risk breaking our house in two) so I was content to have him bring down the smaller trees.

With that new chainsaw, my hubby cut down a total of 8 trees. Two tall dead pines and six oaks (hurray!). And I'm proud to report that although he has very limited experience in using a chainsaw, he severed only trees and no limbs of his own; a happy report, as my friend Judy's husband came close to losing a knee to a chainsaw this weekend.

Now we have a million minus 8 trees in our yard. I'd say Mr. Chainsaw has his work cut out for him.

But, kind-hearted man that he is, he left the yard covered with sawdust, firewood to be stacked and branches to be hauled away. All for me.

Gotta love him.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Nicole said...

Yup, you have to be careful with those chain saws. People don't understand how dangerous they can be. Glad your husband got to play with his new toy this gorgeous weekend!

KathyLikesPink said...

Oh, I hear ya about the trees. We are in rural Massachusetts - same tree thing. My flower garden is always in shade and I hate it, I've run out of shade-loving perennials to plant.

My elderly neighbor had some very old, very tall, very almost-dead elms and ash trees that bordered our property line but were mostly leaning over our house. It worried me for years. Last year we just paid somebody to come in and take them down. I feel safer AND I actually had daffodils bloom this spring because they finally had light! Hurray!

gardenpath said...

I knew how your story was going to end, being the clean up person here. Bet you'll notice a difference in the light next winter.

Cindy said...

"has his work cut out for him"- was that an intentional pun? Either way- I had to laugh when I read it. Hope your hubby doesn't decide to store that chainsaw in your bathroom like mine does.

Paulla said...

Kathy, I'm in the same quandary with shade-loving plants. I'm ready for some sun-lovers!

And Cindy, yeah, I'm a sucker for puns. I nearly pointed it out, but I thought it was pretty obvious, LOL. :)

Jeff said...

whatcha doin' bout dem stumps?