01 April 2008

Irony - A Definition

When the 16-year-old washing machine breaks and floods the basement, and you scramble to gather all the towels in the house to stop the flood, and then you realize that the towels are in said washing machine - all nice, wet, and soapy.

This is my life tonight.

Though the heater had to be unplugged in a hurry, thankfully we can still use the wood stove to dry out the basement. The last of our firewood should do it. You know, since the towels aren't helping.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Denine said...

This story sounds familiar....at least it isn't Monday!!
You are such a great writer! I love reading your bulletins! I keep up with the weather pretty well from the family there, but I LOVE reading your humorous points of view!
I've been meaning to ask about your neighbor...Kevin/Keith?? How is he?
Hope your week gets better!!!


Beth said...

Oh Paulla! What a wonderful day you had...NOT! Hope things dried up for you.

Paulla said...

Hi Denine ~ thank you for your kind words. Our neighbor (Kevin) is doing really well. He's a fighter! He went through his two sets of chemo and came back home with a fire in his belly to do as much snowmobiling as possible (we've had a lot of snow this winter). :)

Beth, it's great to see you here!

Cindy said...

Oh- been there and done that! I hope you got things all dried out.