17 April 2008

Just for the record...

This week is as good as it gets, weather wise.

60 degrees F, sunny, dry.

In my opinion (and yes, this is my blog, so my opinion reigns supreme) this is the perfect weather and I'd be happy if we had this exact same weather every single day all year.

That means no 80 degree days, but it also means no 5 degree days.

That means no snow, but it also means no humidity.

And no bugs.

Yes, I know there could be bugs in this type of weather (in fact, a few have already appeared) but this is my fantasy, and in my perfect world, there are NO BUGS.

All that to say, I had the chance to sit in a lawn chair in the sun for 20 minutes this afternoon. Afterward, I felt as though I had been injected with good health, happieness, and optimism.

Today, for those 20 minutes, all was right with the world.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Larry's Dad said...

Your perfect weather is also perfect in my book too!!!

Ironically, it is nearly identical to the weather forecast for the weekend here in our neck of the woods (Catifornia). And it is MUCH better than the scorching 91 degrees we had last weekend.

Sue said...

I do like that middle range too! We have it here today and it is lovely. Dare I say, that the whole week is looking very nice?