25 April 2008

Some Cool Pics

This week, my teenagers won out and we had a second full spring break at our house. And I realized I could live with spring break for the rest of the school year. With this week's weather, of course.

And no bugs.

Wednesday afternoon, rather than succombing to more yard work, house work, school work, or any other kind of work, we did everything in our power to stay in the sun as much as possible while doing as little as possible.

For part of the day, we went to the local playground/soccer field area and played some basketball. Nothing thrilling about that, except that we got creative with the camera. Understand that, for me, the focal point of the photos isn't the best part - it's that gorgeous blue sky in the background.

Many of these are thanks to my 14-year-old daughter's sweet shooting skills (shooting either the ball or the camera)...


Bright, bright sunshiny day.

Fun with shadows.

Is this one cool or what?

The season's first dandelion (well, the first one I've seen). Sandy, over at Gardenpath, beat me to it earlier this week.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine without the bugs while you can. Rain is forecasted next week. Much as we need it, the sunshine today is a LOT more fun.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Nicole said...

Cool pics, nothing says spring like being slightly chilly shooting baskets at an outdoor court and seeing dandelions. We're not quite there in Ellsworth yet...

Deb Leonard said...

I'm with you, I can't get enough either. This had better be a good sign of many more days like this to come and hopefully a fantastic summer is on the way! Lewiston was 81 on Wednesday.

Cindy said...

We've had beautiful weather this whole week and how nice it seems! Things are blossoming, pollen's flying...and best of all- not a snowflake in sight!

KathyLikesPink said...

Fabulous pictures! I especially loved the one with the ball in foreground.