09 April 2008

Suddenly Spring

And just like that –


- winter was over.

A month ago we had three feet of snow on our front lawn.

Today we picked up branches and raked leaves off a mostly snow-free lawn, and began cleaning the garage. (Yes, began. It will take a while.)

The birds are back, the skunks are out, and the spiders are beginning to awaken; which means we need to hurry and finish all the yard work before they are fully awake and begin to hunt us down.

They do that, you know. Especially the Daring Jumping Spiders.

Just look at the photo on that link – they really look like that and they use those beady little eyes to stare you down right before they pounce. I never know exactly where they end up after they pounce because I’m too busy stomping, shaking my hair, and screaming, hoping beyond hope that I flung the little monster into oblivion.

Really, I’m pretty much ok with spiders in general, but the jumping ones totally scare me.

All that to say, it looks like spring is here.

And I guess Wednesday wasn't so wordless after all.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Larry's Dad said...

For us it is usually *snap* and it's summer (no spring)... Right from cold to hot.

Fortunately, this year, we seem to have left winter behind early and are enjoying lovely extended spring time weather!

Nicole said...

For me, nothing says spring like the gross smells of mud and dust! The streetsweeper was out in downtown Ellsworth yesterday!