04 April 2008

Time to Pay the Piper

We received our latest oil bill yesterday and I now have another reason not to buy a puppy.

I’ve mentioned before that we primarily use fire wood to heat our home; we only use the kerosene-fueled monitor-heater if we’re going to be out or if we just need a back-up.

Yet, this year, we consumed more fire wood than we thought we would and we began to run out about a month ago. Rather than use it all up, we saved a few loads of wood for the illusive spring ice storm and/or blizzard. Or washing machine mishap, as the case would be.

Consequently, we’ve used only oil to heat our home for the past many weeks.

When the time came for the most recent fill-up and billing, the price was twice what I had budgeted. In fact, the extra money that we’ll be doling out to pay for the oil could have paid for ¾ of the wood we’ll get for next winter. Or a new German Shepherd puppy.

Yes, that’s how expensive oil is, and how much more economical it is to use wood.

But the whole thing works only if you have ENOUGH wood at the beginning of the winter. Or if you just don’t mind being cold.

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KathyLikesPink said...

We generally use wood all winter too, with electric as a back-up. Surprisingly this year we barely touched the wood, I believe because our schedules were all so busy that it wasn't getting stoked when it needed it. However even our electric was cheaper than the oil bills I hear about from friends.

Tom said...

Hi Paulla. I heard a statistic on TV the other day about shelter dogs; like 60+ % (I think) of dogs at shelters are pure bread. Based upon your financial comments about "buying" a German Shepherd, I am guessing you want one from a breeder. I would suggest hitting up your local (and perhaps not so local) shelters. Many of which have web sites and display their current guests online. Good luck!

Jan said...

Hi Paulla,
Found your blog through Robin's. Hasn't this been a brutal winter. We have thankfully had enough wood to get us through. Still have some. And we are getting used to the cold of the early morning if someone doesn't stoke the stove during the nightly bathroom run. We backup with gas and the price keeps going up and up. So..we now turn the heaters off during the day and sometimes forget to turn them back on at night. It certainly has helped! Jan

Paulla said...

Well, you definitely have to baby-sit the wood, don't you? :)

About the dog thing, Tom, thanks for the reminder. But don't tell my husband, because I do NOT YET WANT ANOTHER DOG!

(Covering my ears and humming loudly).