07 April 2008

Travel the World in Maine

We hadn’t been living in Maine long when our son went to a summer camp in China. While there, he made several friends: one from Denmark, one from Poland, one from Norway, one from Peru, and one from Mexico.

Ok, I embellish. He didn’t REALLY make friends from all those places, but he did make a friend from Poland.

It was then that we discovered that Poland was not only a country in Eastern Europe, but also a lovely little town in Maine. I might also mention that the summer camp in question was in China, MAINE. The other aforementioned country names with the fictional friends from camp are also towns in Maine.

So you see, you can travel the world and never leave the state of Maine. JUST when you didn’t think Maine could get any better. Even with all the mud.

Yes, mud season has sneaked up on us. Aren’t you jealous?

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

hah my truck lovesss the mud were getting.

Tom said...

Geez, Paulla, remind me to recommend you for a State job in the Tourism Office... LOL!

Larry's Dad said...

Where 'bouts is this famous sign? I have seen it mentioned numerous times, but don't know exactly where it is at. I'd love to get a photo next to it when we are in Maine.