22 April 2008

What I did today

* Stoked the fire. Yes, we rounded up all the scraps of firewood that were hiding under the snow (which is now gone, finally) and although the days have been warm and lovely, the mornings are still quite frigid in the 30s.

* Made FOUR trips to the dump. The rest of our raked up leaves and branches had been waiting to be taken to the dump since Saturday afternoon. The dump is closed on Sunday and Monday. This is a huge inconvenience for me. I believe the dump should always be open if it is not raining or snowing. I mean, who wants to go to the dump in the rain or snow, anyway? They can close on THOSE days.

* Stacked firewood that just days ago had been 8 trees standing in our backyard. Hurray that they are chopped and stacked and will cut down on our oil bill next winter.

* Debated with my teenagers about school work. They are almost finished with their studies for the year, and although we had our spring break when my dad was visiting at Easter, all their public school friends are having spring break THIS week, so they are in dire need of ANOTHER break. (I might also mention that they will be out of school in a month, a whole three weeks before the public school kids, so I might as well let them have the week off – but doing school after the first of June just goes against everything in me.) All that to say, I’m letting them have most of this week off anyway, but I’m making them help me in the yard and we are calling it forestry. Just try to find THAT subject on a public school curriculum.

* Marveled at our daffodil. Yes, singular. We have several tulips and daffodils which are waiting – for something. They haven’t yet bloomed. Except for one, lone daffodil my husband planted as a joke last fall. After I ripped out all the bushes along our front walk, unbeknownst to me, he planted one single daffodil. Oddly, in that long stretch of dirt that is waiting for new bushes to be planted this summer, there sits the one flower in our entire yard. Yesterday, we all gathered around and paid homage to it. Yes, we are pathetic, color deprived, and totally ready for spring.

* Saw that the forsythias down the street are starting to bloom. Now all is right with the world.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Nicole said...

Sounds like fun! Nothing like a trip to the dump... did you find anything cool to bring back with you?

Paulla said...

Ah yes - what we saw at the dump. I'll post that tomorrow. :)