27 April 2008

What we saw at the dump

Last week as I lamented about making FOUR trips to the dump in one day, someone asked if we brought home anything good.

The truth is, I brought nothing home, because I was in leaf-removal mode… but yeah, I saw a few good things and I thought you might get a kick out of hearing about them.

First of all, there are ALWAYS computer monitors and televisions at the dump. Many, many of them. Last week there were at least two dozen monitors and close to ten TVs. I have no idea if any of them work or if they’re any good, but you never know. We’ve had two dump TVs and they were fine for the price, if you know what I mean.

And speaking of TVs, we saw a fairly nice entertainment center that looked like it once probably came from Sears or some other department store. It was the big square kind that could hold a TV, DVD player, stereo system and a bunch of video cassettes and DVDs. I say that because we used to have an entertainment center that looked a lot like this one. It used to be full of Disney movies for the kids, and it had two speakers that were ruined by one of our daughters when she was a toddler. She turned up the volume on the stereo while it was off, and then when we turned it on by remote, the speakers blasted out (and deafened us) before we knew what happened.

But back to the dump.

There were three sofas at the dump and one of them was hot pink. I was so stunned by the fact that anyone would make, buy or own a hot pink sofa that I can’t remember what the other two sofas looked like. I do, however, understand why the pink one was at the dump. And just as an aside, I would never bring home a sofa from the dump. Sorry, but that’s where I draw the line. I’d rather sit on the floor. Same goes for mattresses, and we saw three of those as well.

My favorite thing that day was one of those little cars for toddlers – you know the kind where they can actually crawl in, close the door, and sit there while making it move with their feet? Anyway, my kids used to REALLY want one of those cars about 12 years ago. Now they want the more expensive kind which requires even more expensive gasoline.

Speaking of which, gasoline is now $3.53 at our local station down the street. I figured out that those four trips to the dump in our gas-guzzling pick-up truck cost us $9.78 in gas. That’s still a lot cheaper than hiring someone else to do it.

This week we’re tackling the garage, which doubles as our mud room. You know, now that the rain is here and mud season seems to be back.

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Laura said...

We're at $3.62 for regular unleaded gas today. Unbelievable.

As for the dump: we've brought home some real finds from the dump over the last decade or so. They don't have TV's or computer equipment at our dump (they don't accept it). My goal is to always leave more there than I come home with.

And about the furniture: While I understand your desire to draw the line at furniture, I have to admist that my sister and I picked up a great recliner off the curb when we were in college. It looked and smelled fine, but we cleaned the upholstery anyway. We had that chair for years!

Paulla said...

Ah, good point. If I found the right furniture... it's just that everything I've seen at our dump is totally disgusting. Not as if it was lovingly given away, but really and truly thrown away.

Have a good week! :)