20 May 2008

Black Flies, Revisited

A couple of days ago, we had lunch on our back porch in the sun. Yes, the bugs are here, but we are still light deprived here in Maine, so we put on the bug spray and do our thing.

The thing is, I put on the bug spray while I was wearing a sweatshirt. As I warmed up, I ditched the sweatshirt on a lawn chair and soaked up the sun while wearing a tank top (which I only do in my BACK yard, by the way).

Black flies are not only evil and sneaky, they are also smart. And they have special talents. I read this years ago, and now I'm unable to find verification, but here's what I've heard about black flies... before they bite us, they inject a small amount of anesthesia into our skin. That way, they can feast on us, and unlike their evil cousin, the mosquito, they won't be detected and swatted or squashed.

I was on the porch for only about 10 minutes without my sweatshirt, but that's all it took. After going inside, I reached up to rub my shoulder and found that it was wet. With blood.


In fact, I had blood all over my shoulder and - yes - under my arm. Three bites in all. The little bugger took three bites out of my skin. Chunks, actually. And yes, one is an armpit bite.

Didn't I tell you they're evil?

Now, the bites have begun to itch and each have swelled to the size of a dime. But I'm optimistic, because they should be gone in a couple of weeks or so.


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Jeff said...

We've had a substantial amount of the little buggies tormenting our Little League games earlier in the month. Lately, though, it's been cooler and windier which keeps the black fly levels tolerable. But bite - lawsy, they are murder. Much worse than moquitoes. Cheers, Jeff

KathyLikesPink said...

I had never seen nor heard of blackflies before moving to New England. They are NASTY.

Jillian said...

Hi! I Just found your blog today...and the black flies post. I know how awful they are...my Father lives in Maine. I was bitten three times on my face. I think it took 3 to 6 months for the marks to go away.

Hopefully they will be gone soon!