29 May 2008

Gas Price Perspective

On Tuesday, our son arrived back in Maine from visiting Southern California. If you’ve been in Maine over the last couple of days, then you know what Southern California weather is like. Lots of blue sky, little or no clouds, low humidity and abundant sunshine.

Ironically, I spoke with my dad, who lives in SoCal, and he told me how CHILLY it had been there lately… you know, only in the mid 60s during the day, and in the 50s at night. I shared with him how incredibly WARM it had been here lately… in the mid 60s during the day and in the 40s at night.

It’s all in one’s perspective, I guess.

So, as we were driving back home from the airport with my son and all his California sunshine in tow, he commented about how low the gas prices are here in Maine. This was such an odd thing to hear, as we’ve been agonizing while watching the prices climb closer and closer to the $4.00 mark. Apparently, gas in San Diego is $4.19/gallon. Ouch.

My son also showed me this great website that gives the lowest gas price in the area on any given day – for anywhere in the country. Just type in your zip code and voila, or scroll down and choose another state. Here is the link:

Maine Gas Price Locator

Even if it’s only a few cents per gallon, every little bit helps.

Have a good day, friends.

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Chris said...

I live in S. CA and the gas prices are out of control! I hardly go anywhere anymore, can't afford to drive.

Larry's Dad said...

I just smile when we are preparing for a trip to visit family in Maine and I am warned to expect very high gasoline prices. I smile because we are from central California and our prices tend to be .10 cents to .20 cents higher than Maine. The lowest price I could find today on the lowest grade of gas was 4.19!

Stephanie@AHighandNobleCalling said...

I stumbled across your blog from Especially Heather. I also live in Maine, but the lower half near the Rochester NH border!

So glad to find another Mainer on here!