01 May 2008

Hot or Cold?

Yesterday my daughter and I took the dog for a walk on a path through the woods near our home. It was a beautiful day that came after all that rain. The temperature was hovering around 60 and the sun was shining brightly, but there was a fairly stiff breeze.

It wasn’t quite a jacket day, but we were a bit shivery in sweatshirts and jeans. In fact, my daughter complained the entire time that she was FREEZING. We went a mile or so and then turned around to come back because she was visibly shivering and was clearly miserable.

Conversely, my other daughter wore a t-shirt and gym shorts to track practice yesterday. I told her to bring a sweatshirt, but she insisted she’d be warm enough. In fact, after practice, she went to a windy playground to shoot baskets until dinnertime. When I went to pick her up, even I was cold, but she was fine.

This all got me to wondering… my freezing daughter was born on the sunny California coast. The gym-shorts-wearing daughter was born in Rhode Island during a snow storm. My son, who is always cold, was born in Virginia.

Is there a connection? Probably not, but I like to find a reason for everything, and this is all I can come up with.

Either that, or they're all just weird. And I do know the reason for that - they all take after their dad.

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Jeff said...

I'm from Maine. My wife is from Mississippi. We moved (back) here 22 years ago. She seems to be cold most of the time. I'm growing less tolerant of the cold as I get older, but I can still handle it much better than she. Background or gender? My two boys don't seem fazed by the cold at all - they were both born here.

Paulla said...

See - this proves it! :)