03 May 2008

Our Weekend So Far

Yesterday began with a beautiful sunny morning. This photo is important because this is a Northeast facing window, and the sun does not touch it during the winter months:

It was a good day to take a stroll and see what's coming up around the yard:


Stone Crop

And a good day to enjoy what was already there:

Lobster Trap

Bronco Fan Bird House

Later that evening, we threw burgers on the grill and decided to initiate our fire pit into the new spring season. (And yes, that's a Bronco sweatshirt I'm wearing. You know you're jealous.)

And what is a fire-pit initiation without s'mores? Some friends of ours make something they like to call "Redneck S'mores." My husband prefers to call them "Lazy Man's S'mores." Either way, we stole the idea and here it is. You only need these:

First you roast your marshmallows...

(BTW, the blonde is Leah - she told me I MUST use her name, so there she is. She is an honorary family member.) :)

Notice the bare feet on the kids. They got cold later (the temp was around 40) and they huddled in a bit closer to the fire. Notice the slippers in the next photo. Why they are not on someone's feet, I have no idea...

After roasting your marshmallow, rather than dealing with graham crackers AND messy hershey bars, you simply smoosh your marshmallow between two cookies and you're good to go...

They promise to bring smiles all around...

It was a lovely night. We went to sleep dreaming of the next day (today) which promised to be sunny and warm. We planned to cut down trees, do more yard work, visit our neighbor's yard sale, and just generally enjoy being outside.


This morning we awakened to cold, cloudy skies. By 9:00 a.m., it was raining. Our yard work was rained out, but we visited our neighbor's sale anyway. And just to help out, we bought a couple of things. You know, to be neighborly and all.

Here's what we got: a lovely buffet for only $40...

... and the best thing of all, a kerosene room heater for only $20!

I love bargains and I love being warm on a cold, rainy day. Today I got to have BOTH. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Have a good weekend, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes

1 comment:

Nicole said...

The last few times we've fired up the fire pit, we haven't had smores supplies on hand. You made me see the error of my ways.

Sounds like a great Maine weekend to me. (BTW the yard sales I go to never have cool stuff like that)