22 May 2008

Pollen - 1, Me - 0

On Saturday, we had the tree taken down.

On Sunday, we planted new perennials.

On Monday, we hauled branches to the dump (more times than I can count), planted more perennials, and filled our window boxes and hanging pots with annuals.

On Tuesday, we hauled more branches and stacked firewood that last week, was a tall tree.

On Wednesday, we finished hauling branches, made headway on the firewood, and moved all the huge logs off the lawn.

Today, Thursday, the sore throat I've been ignoring all week won out and my voice is completely gone. Completely and utterly.

I always find it funny, when I'm whispering to others, that they whisper back, even though they still have their voices. Actually, it's kind of nice.

My 14-year-old daughter thinks its funny. She keeps making wise cracks about my new-found lovely singing voice or she'll keep saying, "What did you say?" and then laugh hysterically.

Maybe she'll catch what I have, That would be only fair.

Until then, the pollen has won and I'm drinking more hot tea than should ever be allowed. I also have an excuse to give orders and have others do all my work for me. That is, if they can hear me whisper...

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Ruthie said...

hope u feel better soon...sounds like u needed to slow down a bit...Take care

Molly Anne Briggs said...

I had that nasty allergy and it lasted me 3 weeks. Felt like I had a frog in my throat! Tough time swallowing. Doctor said it was just nasal drip! Still sucked though! Get some rest. Molly

KathyLikesPink said...

Oh, the pollen has been just awful lately. I feel your pain!