13 May 2008

Springtime Trees, Joys, and Challenges

We spotted this tree this morning on the way to a doctor's appointment. Amazing.

In other news, our son is home from college for the summer, which brings both joys and challenges.

Here is one of the joys -

One of the challenges is a photo I refuse to take. It is the amount of stuff that has taken residence in our garage; stuff that miraculously fit into a tiny dorm room. This, of course, does not take into account all his stuff in our basement, nor the stuff already in his room.

He is going to California to visit grandparents next week. The deal is that he will have the garage either emptied and unpacked or packed away neatly (in a CORNER) before he goes west.

Last night at 11:00, we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: I want you up by 9:00 tomorrow to start working on the stuff in the garage.

Him: But Mom, I just finished finals and I had such a stressful week last week. I haven't had a day to sleep in for weeks. Please let me sleep in.

Me: Excuse me, but 9:00 is sleeping in, in my book.

Him: How about 9:30?

Me: No. 9:00.

Him: But Mom, I'm totally and completely exhausted.

Me: Then go to bed now.

Him: But I'm not tired NOW.

This is a true story.

I might add here that he obviously did not take LOGIC at that university this year.

OH, and in case you aren't sure, that conversation example was one of the CHALLENGES.

But he does mow the lawn. Yes, there is that. Oh joy.

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Larry's Dad said...

Spring already ran out here, and we'll be close to 100 degrees by the end of this week...

(Not liking CA at the moment)

Cindy said...

I never figured that out either- where did all their stuff come from and why does it have to spread out all over the house like some insane kind of fungus overtaking everything in its' path?