02 May 2008

Still Chilly

This was the temperature at our house this morning, which is why we still can't plant anything for a few more weeks. It doesn't matter if the middle-of-the-day temps are in the 60s; if we plant our impatiens and geraniums now, not to mention our tomato plants, they'll all wither and die in the early morning hours when Jack Frost visits.

Case in point in this post by the nice folks over at The Maine Life.

My problem is that we had those really warm couple of weeks, and I got the garden all cleaned up and ready a few weeks earlier than usual. Now it seems that it's time to plant. But it isn't.

Argh - the waiting.

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Sue said...

We are having that same problem here. Waiting for the night time temps to stick in the 50's. Tonight we are looking at 30's. At least the sun is staying out longer!

KathyLikesPink said...

Same thing here in Central Mass. We even turned the heat back on.

We have so much shade, I'm dying to get some impatients in the ground, get some color around me!

Ginny said...

We really were spoiled with those temps being in the upper 60's and 70's. I find it very frustrating reading about everyone else putting in their gardens, and seeing pictures of beautiful flowers, when we are still waiting for that danger of 'last frost' to pass.