15 June 2008


As often happens at this time of the year in Maine, I find myself outside more than I'm inside... thus my scarcity here. Of course, today being a rainy day gives me little excuse not to catch up.

This is one of those "too much to tell, to little time" moments, so I'll just toss out some bullets...

* I found another toad in the basement last week. One toad is a freak occurrence. Two toads is an infestation. To me, anyway.

* I ripped out a big chuck of our back lawn and planted a flower garden. I should mention that at age 41, I've discovered gardening and I love it. I've also finally learned about annuals and perennials - meaning, which is which. For years I thought an annual was something that came back up annually and that a perennial was perennially dead, once it died. Yes, my mind is twisted like that.

* I'm eyeing other chunks of lawn that can be potentially ripped out and made into flower gardens, as well. Less mowing that way, and more color. The grass is very afraid. So is my family.

* I cleaned out our garage - a semi-annual affair that always leaves me wondering why I don't do it every month. But I never do. I wait until we can hardly walk through it because of all my son's and husband's stuff scattered everywhere, and all the dirt dropped in between from gardening.

* For Father's Day, I got my hubby a Cabela's gift certificate. We still haven't visited the new Cabela's down in Scarborough, but we will soon. Very soon. I'm just a little afraid that once my husband goes in, he may never come out. I think he sort of wishes that might happen.

* Last week, my son and his girlfriend rescued a big snapping turtle from being run over on a road down by the river. The turtle was not pleased, amused, nor the least bit appreciative. It stole my son's girlfriend's flip-flop and tried to leave with it. It also hissed and snapped and said some very unkind things to everyone within ear shot.

* I had a GREAT birthday last weekend and my darling hubby bought me an amazing new camera. I discovered that I need a higher degree to know how to operate it, so I'm working on that now. Until then, here is a picture of an iris in our front garden, taken with said camera...

* That's all I can think of right now. School is officially out at our house and there has been much rejoicing from students and teacher alike. Oh, and the big news is that our daughters will go part time to the local public high school next year. No more higher math for me. Been there, done that, did lousy.

Have a great week, everyone!

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


KathyLikesPink said...

1) Happy Birthday!

2) Impressive sharpness on that photo, nice work!

3) High math - I hear ya!

4) Rain today in New England - thank goodness - I have been hauling watering cans to the new hydrangeas I planted - relieved to have Mother Nature's help in that area!

What kind of camera did you get?

Nicole said...

Sounds productive! My boyfriend has decided that a water feature is just what our backyard needs, his rationale being in part less mowing. I am very afraid. Can't wait to see your gardening photos from your new camera!

Paulla said...

OH, it's a great camera - an Olympus... it's not in front of me, I don't know the code/number thing. But it's totally fancy and way more technologically advanced than my anything my brain has used before.