25 June 2008

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

I need help from the internet today, so I'm asking you - my friends (you, to me, are the internet that MATTERS) - for some advice.

As you know, we are in the market for a new toilet. Our old one, along with the countertop, sink, tub, and linoleum, are a color that most of the appliance stores call "bone." Sort of a beige, if you ask me.

ANYWAY, we want a change. We want white appliances. We painted the trim and cabinets white a few years ago and now that we HAVE to get a new toilet, this is the perfect time to start changing everything else.

That's the complicated way of saying that we went shopping at Home Depot for a toilet, and ended up looking at sinks, vanities, showers, and floor tile. Now we're looking at a complete bathroom renovation, due to one lousy toilet.

But bear with me here.

What I need from YOU is an opinion on floor tile. We're going with that first, since it needs to be put in before the toilet, which will come second.

We brought home a bunch of samples, and we like the wood look, since we have wood floors in the hallway. We narrowed it down to these two. The one on the left is pretty much a perfect match to the wood floors in the hall, but the one on the right is a bit richer and we like it only a tiny bit better. Actually, the family is sort of split on it. The consensus is that the dark tile looks better in the bathroom, but the lighter one looks best up next to the hallway.

Oh, and ignore the color of the walls - we might change them.

So, will YOU be the tie breaker?

Below are the photos of the bathroom (one with the dog who doesn't understand photography and thought I was standing there wanting to give him a treat). If you have an opinion, please leave a comment and let me know which one you like better.

Wordless Wednesday


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Kathy said...

Go for the darker one! The lighter does match better but you don't want anyone mistaking the bathroom for the hallway, do you? lol
Have fun and good luck, whatever you decide :)

Suzie said...

I think the oak looks better but its true it does match the hallway but I still like it better.

Deb said...

I like the lighter one, because the bathroom is already pretty small a darker floor could make it look smaller.

lingovise said...

new floors are always tough to choose! either looks great, good luck.
happy WW :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for the lighter one.


Elizabeth said...

I like them both. However - the darker one is richer and would look really nice with white appliances especially if you go with white counters. The down side is it may make the room look smaller - especially if you keep your darker walls. If you were to lighten the walls and go with white on everything else I think you'd do well.

My vote is for the darker one. I like the rich color of it and it make a line to seperate hall from bathroom.

Larry's Dad said...


Larry's Dad said...

...or... our Home Depot has a really nice slate looking tile. We are using that in our kitchen, but I think it would look nice in a bathroom as well.

rfortin said...

i think the lighter one is nice...the br is small and dark would make it smaller

Jeff said...

The lighter will give the impression of more space. Better for a smaller room.

Michelle P. said...

I have to say the lighter one. While I love the dark color, I made the mistake of putting a dark color in my kitchen and it made it look small. (My kitchen is huge with an island.) Just my opinion. Good luck, I'm sure it will look great whatever way you go! :)


Denine said...

I like the lighter one on the left, but, you know, I like everything to match and be semetrical....lol...Whatever will be NEW and nice, for sure! Good Luck!

Huskerbabe said...

Um, can I vote for neither? I'm not fond of wood in bathrooms. One overflowing toilet and you have to replace your floors.
But if I have to pick between the two, I'd go with the dark. :>)

Paulla said...


Thanks so much for all the great comments and suggestions.

Just for clarification, Kris, these tiles are not real wood - just laminate tiles. I, too, would never put real wood in a bathroom - it's troublesome enough in the kitchen!

Larry's Dad - we tried the sandstone, marble, slate and granite looking tiles. I like them a lot, too, but side by side, we all preferred the wood look.

Good point lots of people made about the darker floor making the room seem smaller. I hadn't thought of that.

By the end of the day, I was leaning toward the lighter tile, but hubby still likes the dark better. And then, to complicate things further, he brought home more samples.

Still thinking...

Larry's Dad said...

Are those stick on tiles? I know I've been warned against using those in the bathroom (and kitchen) due to water overflows can cause the edges to loosen up and the top layers to peel off. (I still plan to use them in the kitchen though).

Yes, dark will indeed make a tiny room look smaller (all of our rooms are tiny - even "with" light colors)


P.S. I still like the way the richness of the dark tile and that it contrasts with the lighter hallway flooring to define the bathroom.

P.S.S. Don't you love home improvements?

KathyLikesPink said...

It's probably wait to late to comment on this, but I like the darker. I think it looks richer, and will jazz it up a lot!

We are going through the same sort of thing, getting a room completely redone for The Hubs dialysis. Same floor dilemma. Took a chance and went with the darker and it looks great.