22 June 2008

Slug Fest, Part II

Ok, the beer and orange thing worked for a couple of days, but then the past two mornings, I went outside to find one of the orange halves empty. Yes, empty of beer and/or slugs.

I checked it all over and there were no holes, rips or tears in the orange peel, which meant only one thing.

Someone or something has been drinking the beer. Darn those partying slugs, they passed the word and now our front garden has become the neighborhood bar.

We have all sorts of woodland and domestic critters that habit our property at night. Neighborhood cats, skunks, moles, racoons, mice, foxes, and even the occasional deer.

I'd love to know who is drinking the beer.

I suppose I should do the obvious thing and keep an eye out for animals that look hungover.

* * *

On a different note, summer is HERE. My daughter and I walked out of Shaw's this afternoon and there was a warm, humid breeze coming across the parking lot. It felt like we were at the beach. Know what I mean?

Not that it's warm enough to go to the beach yet. If it's 75 and breezy at our house, sweatshirts will be required at the beach.

But still. If you want to take a lawn chair, the Shaw's parking lot will do nicely. :)

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4pam said...

This is HILARIOUS! I can just imagine drunk raccoons in your back woods! I myself am debating whether or not rabbits or slugs are eating my flowers. If I get the rabbits drunk, maybe they'll leave my flowers alone?

KathyLikesPink said...

We've had a few super hot days, but mostly, RAIN. and THUNDER. And...HAIL.

So long as the weather is good when we're at the Cape later this summer, I can stand it.

It IS good sleeping weather.