06 June 2008

Turning 41

Last year upon turning 40, I began making a list of things I wanted to do in honor of the big milestone.

I’ve since lost the list and the only item I can remember is that I was going to go have my hair cut professionally (I’ve been cutting it myself for 21 years).

I have yet to do that.

You see, I have an aversion to paying someone to take scissors to my hair, when I might not even like the result. Besides, my hair is… special. You know - curly, temperamental, difficult. You’d have to know it personally to know how to cut it.

Anyway, if I ever find my list, I’ll let you know what else I didn’t do this year.

* * *

In other news, the Celtics won the first game of the finals last night. It was a good game; especially the part when Paul Pierce came back out into the arena after spraining his knee. You had to see it to understand – major warm and fuzzy feelings abounded.

Also, I loved the ad, like so many others that have been shown, with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson – and only half their faces showing. I’m still marveling at how they’ve changed.

Where has the time gone?

Oh yeah, I’m not 20 anymore. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

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Jeff said...
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KathyLikesPink said...

Ah, the glory days of basketball!

It's kind of funny - during the 80's I lived in California and of course rooted for the Lakers. Now I live in Massachusetts and this time around am rooting for the Celts!