18 July 2008

Around the Garden

We planted some Bee Balm this summer and we've found that the name fits quite well...

Of course, the bees seem to like Speedwell just as much as they like the Bee Balm. Just doing our part for the bee shortage this year.

This is our one (yes, ONLY ONE) clematis bloom. We had one other bud that died and fell off the vine. This one bloomed huge, as you see it here, and the very next day, it was broken off and shredded all over the ground. I think it was the work of a deliquent squirrel.

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1 comment:

KathyLikesPink said...

GORGEOUS Clematis!

My grandma H. had a way with clematis. She always had them winding around the porch rails. Somehow that green thumb was lost before it hit my generation...