04 July 2008

Happy Fourth!

Here's what we had for dessert a little while ago...

And yes, I know the flag is not supposed to be square, nor are there the correct number of stars and stripes. But if THOSE are the only things you noticed, then let's try to be just a BIT more patriotic, K? :)

I have to tell you that nearly everything you see on that cake is HOME made. I drove by the grocery store yesterday, but it was so crowded and I was so tired, that I just kept on driving.

This morning I regretted that decision, when I needed to make a white cake and had no white cake mix. Nor did I have any cool whip.

So I did what every great baker does (not that I fall into that category, I just happened to do what they do - this one time)... I found a pound cake recipe on line, and made that. Close enough, right? I also whipped my own whipped cream, which, let's face it, is MUCH better than cool whip, anyway. No contest. The strawberries were hand picked by us, and the blueberries... well, ok, the blueberries were store bought.

Blueberry season here in Maine is about a month away. And generally, our wild blueberries are a bit smaller than these, but they are SO much sweeter.

But I digress.

The rest of our day consisted of going to a parade this morning, and then taking a zillion pictures of a really freaky bug we found back here at the house. More on that tomorrow.

It was a stunning day here on the coast of Maine, which was lovely, but the forecast of rain and clouds that we had been forewarned about made the sunshine all the more lovely. Know what I mean?

Happy Independence Day, Friends.

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KathyLikesPink said...

We had overcast and sprinkles all day. The skeeters had a better time thn the people!