25 July 2008

He's Catching up to Me

Today my son turns 21. Last month I turned 41. He is now less than half my age, which is a milestone of sorts, in addition to the huge milestone of turning 21.

It's so odd for me to think about the fact that I was a year younger than he is right now when I became his mom. It's hard for me to imagine him being a parent at this young age... but then, he is so much more mature and level headed than I was at that age. Much smarter, too.

We had a crazy last couple of days trying to get our daughters back into town from New Mexico amidst all the thunderstorms that have been ravaging the East Coast (I'll save that for another post). In spite of all the travel nightmares and airline issues, the big birthday was suddenly upon us.

Late last night, it hit me. Sure, I have already bought the gifts and we have a special dinner planned tonight, as well as a party with some of his friends on Sunday... but sometimes a mom wants to enjoy the build-up to a birthday. I wanted to give him a little gift when he awakened this morning and make his breakfast. After years of teaching, training, and urging him to grow up, I now want time to slow down so I can savor these last times that he will be with us.

He leaves in three weeks to go back to college and honestly, I'm not ready.

So I'll savor today.

Happy Birthday, Andy. I love you!

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Maine-ah John said...

Tell Andy Happy Birthday from Rooty...We share the same Birthday...My youngest just turned 21 on July 15th and he is half my age...lol
Hope your day was a great one!
Take care and stay safe
~Many Blessings to you and your family~

Connie said...

Wow that is a milestone for you and Andy. My best to you and the Estes clan. Love, Connie

Beth Nixon said...

what a sweet post!
as a mother of two young ones, I dread the day they are grown-up and ready to move on.

Lovely post and I LOVE the pictures of then and now!