15 August 2008

Cabela's in Maine

I don't know if I ever shared here that as we were driving from San Diego to Maine with three small children and four young pets, I celebrated my 31st birthday. As fate would have it, we were passing through Springfield, Missouri on that day, so being married to the kind of guy I'm married to, we spent the glorious day at Outdoor World. Before you think that I was treated to a day at a fun amusement park, click on that link and see for yourself.

Seriously, though, it wasn't bad. For hunter/fisher types, Outdoor World IS an amusement park of sorts.

For years, we wondered why there was no Outdoor World in Maine. Or Cabela's. We sort of figured it was because L.L. Bean had cornered the market.

Well, now in the hunting/fishing community of Maine, everything is right with the world. Since I'm married to one of the more active members of this motley group, everything is now right with the world in our household.

Cabela's has arrived in Maine.

And speaking of birthdays, my husband's birthday was earlier this week. After every one of his family members sent him Cabela's gift cards, it seemed only proper to pay our first visit to the store.

You can see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes, can't you. Especially the kids.

I honestly believe that as we walked through those front doors, my husband saw a blinding light and heard angels singing.

As it was his birthday, we couldn't exactly rush him through this shopping excursion, so the kids and I wondered around and checked out all the sights.

We passed by him a few times, but he didn't notice us. Once or twice, he looked at us blankly, and I honestly think he had no idea who we were. You know, the blinding light and all.

We spent at least a half hour in front of the aquarium watching the trout and bass moseying around their tank. See the edge-of-your-seat sparkle in their eyes?

After a while, we walked around the mountain that sits in the middle of the store. Yes, there really is a mountain. This moose is at the bottom.

Here's a lousy shot of the side of the mountain, complete with polar bears and musk ox, which, by the way, can NOT be found in the state of Maine.

Ah - a video game. Now the fun really begins.

I mean, isn't this what kids live for? Alas - Cabela's had found something for my children.

Yep, see the smiles? Who'da thought?

Of course, all good things must come to an end. But I'm sure we'll be back another day...

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Sherry said...

we have yet to make the trip to Cabelas. But it has been mentioned and suggested quite a bit lately. Since hunting and trapping seasons are coming, i'm sure so is Cabelas. Kittery Trading Post was always the big adventure for my family. With all the malls and shops near there now, that trip has become more welcome.
I'll have to post pics from our Cabelas trip and we'll compare our excursions...


Huskerbabe said...

Ah, Cabela's. You do realize that Cabela's is a gift from the great state of Nebraska don't you? We live about an hour from the headquarters. And my guys love to go any chance we get.
The last Cabela's we went to had a prairie dog hunt. Punkin loved it! Although I think he shot the coffee pot more than the prairie dogs.
Coincidentally, I usually do most of my Christmas shopping at Cabela's, they have neat things for all people!

Paulla said...

You know, Kris, I didn't realize Cabela's is a gift from Nebraska. How cool! That prairie dog hunt sounds awesome. Your xmas shopping there sounds like me at LLBean. But I wonder - is Cabela's in Nebraska open 24/7?

Sherry, it's worth the trip - but I have to admit, my heart still belongs to LLBean. Of course, I'm not the hunter/fisher/gatherer type. Cabela's didn't have furniture or hammocks or maple syrup, LOL.