25 August 2008

Our Vacation - Part 2

Our first full day at the lake began misty and clear, and the boat was all set for fishing.

Understand, however, that I really don't like to fish. I have nothing against it and I've fished with the best of them in days gone by. In fact, when I was 14-years-old, I caught a 5.25 pound rainbow trout in Colorado, which my dad took to a taxidermist, and I still have it. I just don't enjoy it anymore. I feel sorry for the fish. Yep, I'm one of those.

So my husband goes fishing all day while the kids and I have REAL fun, doing things that don't involve hooking defenseless animals by their lips.

We had a lovely floating dock on which to sit and enjoy the sun. The problem with a floating dock, is that we rode the waves each time a boat or jet ski went by. Not a problem, really, unless one is trying to take a picture. Notice in this next one how it looks like my daughter is kayaking down hill.

I promise, the gravity in Maine is not special - it is just like everywhere else. This was the result of the floating dock.

This next picture is one only a mother could love.

You have to understand that this daughter has named her biceps "Chuck" and "Norris." On a daily basis, we hear about what Chuck and Norris are doing and how they are becoming stronger all the time. Of course, if she is asked to do an unpleasant chore, she is apt to tell us that Chuck and Norris are taking the day off. Yeah, she's a kidder.

A while later that day, as we were swimming and lounging in the lake, my husband was on the dock taking pictures and he told us to turn around. There, not 10 feet behind us was a beautiful loon that had just popped up out of the water. It hung out near us for quite some time and then dove under and went away.

After all the swimming, we went for a boat ride - check out that blue sky...

And in the late afternoon, we relaxed on the porch.

The next morning, the fisherman left early and the scene looked like this:

A few hours later, he returned in pouring down rain.

I might add here that he did not return BECAUSE of the pouring down rain. No, it had been raining for about two-and-a-half hours when he finally showed up. The only reason he came home was to show us this:

What's that, you ask? Another small fish? He kept yelling for me to snap a photo, and I kept yelling for him to come closer (I wasn't going to take my beloved new camera out into that rain).

He came closer and I saw the reason he came back. He caught me a delicious bass...

At over four-and-a-half pounds, this is one for the record books - in our family, at least.

I don't think he stopped smiling all day. The fisherman, that is. Not the fish. Well, the fish smiled a bit when he was set free. Yep, only catch and release for us.

More to come tomorrow, but I promise, that's the best fish you'll see. :)

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