11 August 2008

A Word to the Wise

If you plan to go to Freeport on a Monday afternoon around 3:00 in the summertime on a cloudy day...


Unless you love hoardes of traffic and tourists swarming as thick as the black flies in May.

If you love spending 45 minutes looking for a parking spot that is nearly a mile from anywhere you want to go, and if the store you're going to is so crowded that the wait is more than 20 minutes, then be my guest.

My suggestion, if by chance you feel the way I do and loathe such crowds, is to turn the car around, creep through the traffic BACK out onto the interstate, and plan to go back to Freeport the next day when the stores open first thing in the morning.

Yes, that's the only civilized thing to do.

* * * *

In other news, I've been scarce because I've been painting again. I spent last week painting the stairs leading into our basement. I'll try to put pictures up before the paint starts chipping again...

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Anonymous said...

I only get to go shopping in Freeport under those conditions, but SO know what you mean, cause my brother and his wife HATE it, since they live in nearby Brunswick, and know what to expect. We won't get to see Freeport, or any other part of Maine this summer, and it's very sad, but I love to read about it in your blogs.....no matter what the subject is!
Thanks for being such a great writer and a wonder "Mainer."

Enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Well, that shoul've said such a "wonderful "Mainer"....but I am sure you got that.........lol
Have a wonderful week!!!!!

Denine in Virginia

Michelle said...

Been lurking for a while, but now am out in teh open to not only thank you for postponing my trip to freeport (the bead store there calls to me) but to say you have an award on my blog waiting for you!

Paulla said...

Thanks, Denine - and I like the idea of being a wonder-mainer! I'm sad, too, that you can't make it to Maine this summer. Maybe the fall?

Michelle, thank you for the blog award - that's so sweet! :)