19 September 2008

Busy Fall

Things have kicked into high gear, in our little part of Maine, so here are a few photos from around our garden...

First, our tomatoes. We have always had a lot of luck with these babies, but late July and early August were so rainy, that the plants got all spindley. Still, the fruit was prolific.

Second, our watermelon. The first photo is a bloom from just last week. And keep in mind that our first freeze was supposed to be last night - or it might happen tonight. Either way, that bloom is WAY late. Maybe the bee just gave up and decided to nap there?

The next watermelon photo shows a picture of our proud melon. Can you see how big and juicy it is? No? That's because it's only the size of a peanut. The package said this was a 90 day plant. We thought that meant 90 days to harvest, not 90 days to the first peanut-sized watermelon of the season.

Last, our flowers. Nothing like a bit of crisp, not-yet-fall air to bring out the best in the flowers.

Have a good weekend, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Joey O said...

Very nice :-) I really enjoy your posts!

Larry's Dad said...

HaHaHa! This is very funny! My wife and I are just back from an eight day stay in Maine. We found similar specimens in our travels.

Jen said...

Your watermelon might be slightly larger than mine. I'm jealous!