07 September 2008


With fall just around the corner, and the impending winter on its heels, we Maine folk should really be taking advantage of every opportunity to be outside when the weather is sunny and mild. Today was one of those days. After the wicked winds and driving rain that swept through last night, we awakened to a mild, beautiful day. The temperature is in the upper 70s and the sky is blue once again.

The thing is, the storm blew through much more quickly than it was supposed to. For the last several days, the weather forecast has shown that it would rain all day on Sunday. All day.

Consequently, the plan for today was to have one of those rare days off; you know, a rainy day when you literally do not get out of your pajamas ALL DAY LONG. Because of the forecast of rain, we planned to sleep in and skip church (yes it WAS a long week), have a late breakfast, and then watch football all day. (Ah yes, I LOVE football season).

When I awakened to sunshine, I sort of had mental whiplash and knew that it would be better to be outside. So I did the most logical thing: I went straight to the basement to my computer, so I could not see the sun streaming through the windows. I went back upstairs only long enough to make pancakes and then it was time for the Patriot's game. Averting my eyes from that sunny window view, I went back to the basement and turned on the TV. I watched until halftime, and then promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Now the afternoon is slipping away and I feel conflicted. I could look at it as a wasted day; if nothing else, I wasted the opportunity to add a bit more color to my quickly-fading tan. I could have gotten some exercise or done (ick) yard work. I could have taken a walk with my kids. I could have done all sorts of things.

But I made a choice.

I do feel rested now, ready to tackle another long week. Not only that - the Patriot's won, in spite of losing Tom Brady to an injury in the first quarter. And most importantly, it is nearly 5:00 p.m. and I am still in my pajamas.

And no, I'm not posting any pictures of that.

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Beth said...

Ah, Paulla. You took today as a day of rest. Don't let yourself feel guilty one bit for enjoying some down time. Even God did that after creating the earth, and I think that was a lot more work than any of us could ever do. LOL.