24 September 2008

Grand City Variety in Brunswick

I was sad to learn this store will be closing soon.

You can read the story HERE.

Grand City was the first store I visited in Maine when we moved here ten years ago. It was a rainy summer day in Brunswick when we stopped for lunch on our first day in the state. While at Joshua’s Tavern on Maine Street, we spied the little variety store across the street, and when I walked through its doors, I felt like I’d been transported to a happier, simpler time.

Since then, I make a point to visit Grand City every so often. No, it doesn’t have everything you’ll find in Wal-Mart or Target, but it has something those stores don’t. It has charm. The clerks are friendly and might just be your neighbors. And you really never know what you're going to find.

If you want to visit Grand City one last time, make it quick, because sadly, its days are numbered.

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Jessica said...

OMG Brunswick. Joshua's Tavern. Sigh. I'm homesick.

Fangjangler said...

My great Aunt used to work there back in the early 90s and I would go there with my grandmother as a small kid. After my Aunt just passed from breasy cancer it really breaks my heart this place is closing. :(