02 September 2008

How to Strike Fear in the Heart of a Teen

Ever see Uncle Buck?

This morning, as my daughter was getting ready for her first day of school as a high school freshmen and her first day ever as a student in traditional school, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to the bus stop.

After the expected eye roll, I told her I could walk with her, hold her hand, and take pictures as she got on the bus. I even suggested going in my pajamas. More eye rolls and chuckling, but I'm sure I saw just a hint of concern in her eyes.

She text messaged me later to let me know she'd made it on the bus and was well on her way to school. So I messaged back and told her I would drive to school (in my pajamas) and give her one more big wave.

She knows I would never do that - but the sick and twisted part of me delights in the fact that there is a small part of her that just isn't entirely sure.

Nothing like an Uncle Buck episode to take away first-day-of-school jitters!

Here's the clip I was referring to...

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