01 September 2008


It's here, but I'm in some big kind of denial.

September means that the sunflowers really are blooming - it's not just an illusion.

September means that the apples will soon be ready to harvest. So soon?

September means that the days are getting shorter and crisper. And the nights colder.

September means that the leaves will soon start to change. Some are already changing.

September means that the brisk autumn breezes are coming. They are already here.

Most noteworthy in my life right now: September means that my two teen girls are going to school for the first time after a life of homeschooling. If we all weren't so excited, I think I'd cry. Maybe I will tomorrow.

For now, I'm pretending it's still August. I don't care what the calendar or the local school says. I just want to go back to the lake and sit in the sun and cover my ears and close my eyes. I'll see my children as little kids without a care in the world. And of course, if I look in the mirror, I'll see a much younger face.

In my fantasy world, August will never end.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes

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