25 October 2008

Coast to Coast

I spent the past week in Southern California, basking in the sun, seeing old friends, and having a last hurrah before hunkering down for another Maine winter.

Ok, sure, winter isn't here yet, but it was 25 degrees at my house this morning and the flowers are all now dead. In fact, the window boxes and hanging plants look like something from a horror movie, with gooey black stems, hanging limp over the sides. Somehow my husband and kids didn't notice them while I was gone. Heck, I might as well leave them out for Halloween.

I had dinner with my friends, Connie and Bob, while in California. They live one block from the beach. ONE BLOCK. We walked outside, crossed a street, and we were there. It was in the upper 60s after dark, and they mentioned that it was a little chilly. I had to laugh. Then I told them stories about how we have to shovel paths to our firewood after each storm, and how we have to start a new fire in the wood stove each morning. Bob was aghast and wondered how people survive here. We talked about all this while looking out their opened doors at bougainvilleas and countless other flowers.

Ok, so the ugly truth is, I really didn't want to come home.

I flew first to Washington, D.C. to catch my flight to Portland. As I was looking for the gate, I first saw the people. Mainers. I knew that had to be my gate and I was right.

I won't try to explain how I knew. The fact that everyone was carrying a jacket and that most of the men had beards MIGHT have had something to do with it, but either way, I knew I was going home.

And I'm very glad to be back. Sure, I'd trade 25 degrees and dead leaves for 60s and palm trees, but this is still home and I love it here.

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Connie said...

Hey, we made the blog, how fun! We have spoken of you several times since you left, Bob said "will she come back, how about Tuesday?" This will kill you, he turned his side of the mattress heater on last night... I called him on it and he admitted he was starting to sweat. Much love, Connie

www.myspace.com/mainelyart said...

yes, i know what you mean. I lived in So. California for 3 years before moving to Maine. I couldn't believe it, the temp gets down around 40 degrees at night (up near the mountain base) and everyone is wearing a down coat? go figure. it was quite the culture shock moving to Maine from there, it was quite the adjustment. I do love Maine, and the air here is fresh everyday! The beach isn't that far away, still close enough to enjoy. So. CA is a place of memories, something to think about on cold wintery nights.

California Girl said...

Well, you certainly took the sunshine with you when you left. It's been uncomfortably hot this week, a high of 93 degrees yesterday, which in my tiny, stuffy, upstairs apartment may as well be 103. It was miserable having to be indoors, but I was day dreaming about the wonderful Saturday I would have at the beach when the weekend rolled around. Of course, just as the weekend rolled around, the fog and cold weather rolled in. It went from a sunny high of 93 degrees yesterday to a high of 69 degrees today, which I know sounds warm, but it was accompanied by much dreary and cold gray clouds and fog. :( I hope you come back soon - I'm so sad I wasn't able to plan to come down to see you, but with more time to plan, I'd make it happen for sure! :) Come back soon. And bring the sunshine with you!

Cindy said...

From the stories on the news this morning you sure picked a great time to go home. Maine winter with a vengeance from the look of things. Sounds like you had a good time in California though!