14 October 2008

Hunting Season in Maine

I just learned more than I ever wanted to know at the Maine Government Website about the dates of hunting season in Maine.

I am very much NOT a part of the hunting sub-culture of Maine. Not because I have anything against it, but because no one in my family hunts, and to me, when the leaves fall, it is not the season to creep through the cold, wet woods waiting for elusive game.

No, to me, hunting season means brisk walks on the outskirts of the woods (wearing a lot of bright orange, mind you) and staying indoors with the comfort foods baking and the tea kettle simmering.

As I was surfing the net tonight, aimlessly wondering and going no place in particular, I came across This Blog, reminding Mainers to wear orange whenever they spend time outdoors. Because, let's face it - no place is safe.

We live in a rather busy neighborhood, but it is not an uncommon sight to see teens or their dads walking down our road with a rifle (or some sort of long gun - whatever they're called) in hand.

When we first moved here from Southern California, these sights freaked me out to say the least. After coming from a place where guns were small, where they were primarily toted by gangs and weirdos, and they were used for shooting people, not animals, it was unsettling. Walking through a woodland path with my three young children and hearing gun shots in the distance was heart-attack worthy, orange clothing or not.

In fact, one time, our german shepherd, dressed in a bright orange doggy-vest, ran off into the woods chasing a deer. I envisioned a cold, stiff hunter who had been sitting in his tree-house since before dawn, just waiting to shoot something - anything. After a few panicked screams on my part, the dog came running back... and the neighbors were all alerted that someone from "away" had moved into the neighborhood.

But I digress. If you do venture out into the woods, or the countryside, or the neighborhoods, or heck, downtown Portland this fall, put on your bright orange. Better safe than sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I just read your blog and wasn't sure if you knew of a law in the state that makes it illegal for dogs to chase deer. There is also a little loop hole in the law that allows hunters, or landowners to put any dogs down when seen chasing deer. So even if the dog is covered from head to tail in orange a hunter, or anyone can shoot a dog they see chacing deer any time during the year. To be safe you might want to keep him on a leash when walking in, or around the woods. Just a friendly suggestion. Hope you get some great Fall foilage pics, and have a great week.

Paulla said...

Wow, I did not know that - thanks for the tip. Sadly, we no longer have the dog, but I'll keep this in mind for the future.

Cindy said...

Hunting is pretty much the same here in NY but we get a lot of "citidiots" that come out here and tramp all over land that they have no permission to be on, shooting at whatever moves, etc...I think if they are going to come out here they should at least know what a deer looks like and know enough not to shoot at the first thing that rustles through the brush. I've known them to shoot goats and ponies that are in a barnyard...