27 October 2008

Not your typical autumn-in-Maine activity...

Just before I left California last week, my dad told me he wanted to give something to me to bring back to Maine. He went outside with a bag and came back a short time later with a bunch of lemons. From the lemon tree. In his front yard.

He told me they don't know what to do with all the lemons, because they are so plentiful. Can you imagine having a problem like that? I packed the bag of lemons into my suitcase, hoping that I wouldn't find my clothes soaked in lemonade upon my return.

The lemons traveled just fine, and today my daughter and I made lemonade. I have never actually made lemonade from lemons, though I've used the analogy countless times, especially when complaining about the winter weather in Maine.

Today at our house, the mid-day temperature was 66 and it was sunny and bright. That, along with the lemonade, allows me to pretend for just a bit longer that winter really will never come. After all, it doesn't come to the southern California coast. And if they tell you it does, don't believe them. I've been there and I know.

And Connie, you can tell Bob that using a heated mattress in THAT weather is just... well, it's sick and wrong. :)

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm yummmy, love fresh squeezed lemonade!!

Dawn on MDI said...

I like making gingered lemonade with honey and drinking it cold in the summer and hot in the winter - especially if I have a cold!